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Hardwood Flooring Distributors

Authentic French Oak Hardwood Flooring

french white oak flooringHeppner Hardwoods treats each floor with the respect and care of the original French artisans that installed the beautiful floors in the Palace of Versailles. Today our French Oak floors are made from either new French Oak or when available from Antique French Oak reclaimed from beams, churches or sometimes wine staves (barrels) can be utilized in the fabricating of parquet flooring. As you consider this significant investment our knowledgeable staff is available to guide you and your team through your options and consideration. We will customize your engineered or solid floor into the pattern that suits your environment and life style.

The natural beauty of the 'cathedral' grain found only in French Oak, lends itself to wide plank application. First, the slow growing 80 - 200 year old tree is cut into boules. This process is the cutting of whole logs 'through and through' so that the boards sliced are the full width of the tree. The wide width boards will have an array of grain, from the flat sawn cathedral grain in the center of the boards which is accompanied by quartering on the edges along with occasional flecks of the medullary rays. We recommend an engineered application.

Hardwood Flooring Dealers & Installers

Accentuate Hardwood Floors - Huntington Beach, California

Accentuate Hardwood Flooring company have been at the forefront of the wood floor industry in California and the USA since early 2001. This was essentially the start of the re-birth of wood flooring in California and the USA and European market. Wood is one of the longest lasting flooring materials and the only type of floor covering that will improve with age or be revived by re-sanding and refinishing to match the particular tastes of the period. Wood floors also add value to property. Accentuate Hardwood Flooring company supply a wide range of high quality precision engineered, solid and parquet woodblock floors plus kitchen worktops. These are available in a variety of different species including oak, maple, walnut extending to exotic varieties such as Wenge and Panga Panga. Everything needed to complete your project is available from stock.

M & F Hardwood Floors - Inglewood, California

Founded in 1989, M & F HARDWOOD FLOORS, INC. has a solid track record in providing beautiful high quality custom hardwood floors. We are a full-service hardwood flooring installation and hardwood flooring renovation contractor. We can provide a wide selection of quality hardwood flooring, solid and engineering flooring, including hickory, mahogany, oak, beech, ash, walnut, maple and cherry hardwood floors, among other domestic and imported hardwood species. Manuel Fernandez, the company's founder, has a simple and customer focused philosophy, "In every case I offer potential customers a FREE CONSULTATION so that they can explore all the possibilities available to them, including applicable species and coloring options."

Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers

Heppner Hardwoods supplies domestic, imported, and FSC Certified hardwood lumber, along with milled wood products worldwide. Located in Azusa, California with over 3 million board feet of lumber in stock, we have been catering to woodworking clients for over twenty-five years. Our on-site custom hardwood planing mill provides architectural millwork of hardwood moulding for clients in the hospitality, commercial, residential, solid hardwood  flooring and engineered hardwood flooring markets. The intersection of our hardwood lumberyard and hardwood lumber mill provides the seamless basis from which to hand select each hardwood board that will then be milled to the unique standards of your project.

FSC Certified Lumber & Reclaimed Hardwood Lumber Companies

Our mission at FSC Certified Lumber is to help the planet by recycling reclaimed lumber (hardwoods & softwoods) from buildings and help connect wood consumers with FSC "Certified" hardwood and softwood lumber suppliers, which are good stewards of our timber supply and concerned about sustaining our forest.