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Chart of Accounts
Contacts File
Inventory Items


The above files may be IMPORTED from a MICROSOFT EXCEL 2003 compatible file type.


User Tip: Export the SWORD files using the Export SWORD Files option to create a template file to be re-imported with your data.




Caution: Importing Files Requires EXCLUSIVE USE!


Step 1: Source File Options




1.Navigate to an EXCEL.XLS file to import.
2.Select how you wish to format fields with dates.
Skip first record > Check this box if you wish to import only your data and not your header labels.

3. Maximum records to import may be set to a small number for testing your import. A ZERO will import ALL records.

Convert OEM to ANSI characters. (Use if your imported data might contain accented characters)


Click on the [Next Step button] to open the Step 2. Map Source Fields TAB.




1.Press the [FIRST button] to read in the 1st Record.
2.Click on a field in the left list (your SOURCE file) and "drag" it across to the matching field in the right hand list (SWORD fields).
3.Use the mouse "Double-click"  in the right hand list (SWORD fields) to "unlink" the match.
4.Use the mouse "Right-Click" to enter a static value for the SWORD field. For example, the COMPANYID field must always contain the number 1.
5.The matching of fields may be saved as a "Map Structure." Once you have matched your fields to the SWORD fields then click on the [Save button].
6.The Column labeled No. in the Source file (Left-side panel) and Existing File Field (Right-side panel) indicates which column in the Source file shall be placed into the Existing field.
7.Use the [Retrieve button] to use a previously saved Map Structure.
8.Click on the [Start button] to begin the IMPORT.



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