Introduction to IMPEX for SWORD and TelcoMgr
About ABCI Software
Registering IMPEX License
SWORD ServiceBooks Import & Export Options
Export SWORD Files
Import Files to SWORD
Browse Imported Files to SWORD
TelcoMgr Import & Export Options
TelcoMgr File Structures
Data Types
telco.tps file
circuits.tps file
directry.tps file
cpe.tps file
CPE Components (componts.tps) file
Advanced Import
Importing CSV Files
Importing Excel Files
Advanced Export
Exporting as CSV Files
Exporting as HTML Files
Exporting as Excel Files
HTML Options
Filtering an Export
Simple Tagging
Global Search and Tag
TelcoMgr Selected Export
Browse Circuits
Field Data Manager
Field Data Manager Expressions
Field Data Manager Operators
Browse CPE Table
Browse CPE Components
Browse Customers
Browse Directory
Browse Expense Log
Browse History
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