Field Data Manager

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A Field Data Manager for the Customer/Location and Circuits file is available from the Browse Customer Table and Browse Circuits Table.




How many times have you been asked to make a mass update like change the format of the NPA-NXX-Line field for the Circuits table? Our new Field Data Manager provides end-users the possibility to alter the data as much as you wish. Thousands of phone numbers can be changed from the standard TelcoMgr format of [###-###-####] to [ +1 (###) ###-#### ] within a couple of minutes. Also, by using Boolean expressions, data changes may be applied to records that belong to a specific customer group or your User-Defined field. You can even store mass update routines for future use.


exclaim-bluseUse caution when using the Field Data Manager because some of the changes that you apply may not be reversible. Therefore, backup your TelcoMgr folders before attempting to use this feature. Also, a strong understanding of how to use TelcoMgr Expressions and Formulas is essential to use this feature.


"The Field Data Manager is very fast, very powerful and very irreversible!"


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