CPE Components (componts.tps) file

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Field Name                        Attributes

CompanyID               LONG

Refnum                  LONG

TypeOfCPE               STRING(40)

Quantity                LONG

Manufacturer            STRING(40)

PartNumber              STRING(20)

Description             STRING(40)

CusSysID                LONG

CMPID                   LONG [Reserved]

SerialNoID              STRING(40)

Location                STRING(20)

TypeOfPorts             STRING(20)

QtyofPorts              DECIMAL(3,0)

Comments                STRING(255)

ExtQtyofPorts           DECIMAL(9,0)

SysID                   LONG

WarrantyExpiry          LONG

MaintenanceExpiry       LONG

The CompanyID should be the numeric 1.

Refnum is a Quickbooks and/or SWORD Reference Number.

The CusSysID should match the Customer/Location telco.tps cussysid.

Page url: http://impex.sword-field-service-software.com?cpe_components_file2.htm